TransportLAB Community Platform

Connecting people, expertise and organizations by means of communities.

Interaction, collaboration and innovation is made possible when people are connected. Communities enable this connection and the sharing of information and knowledge. It provides a platform to engage in dialogue with employees, customers, members, partners and other stakeholders.

A community on the TransportLAB Community Platform keeps everyone involved and up to date with the lastest news which facilitates collaboration. All within one reliable online environment.

Infographic TranportLAB Community Platform

Five essential elements/special_heading]

Image description Community

Your own intranet and extranet within one social environment.

Image description Conversate

Easy to use chatting environment. For all your private and group discussions.

Image description Collaboration

Share articles, blogs, documents photo’s and video’s.

Image description Content

Access to up-to-date information within and outside your community at all times.

Image description Control

Complete ownership over your comunitites within a reliable and secured environment.