Below you will find an overview of our services

Support with change management

Organizations are constantly changing. This often has a significant impact, both internally and externally. 

Changes are often made within the structure, culture and processes of organizations. This requires employees and stakeholders to adjust. Because of this, organizations may encounter resistance to change. How do you make sure everyone follows a commonly agreed line?

TransportLAB offers the solution for increased effectiveness. We provide more engagement, lively discussions, interaction, improved cooperation and concrete results by creating your own ‘change community’. That is change 3.0!

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Realize ideas

Employees are organizations greatest assets. They have conscious and unconscious knowledge that can be very valuable. 

Unfortunately, not all employees dare to speak up or see results of their proposed idea. This could be because of time constraints and insufficient support within companies. How do you ensure ideas become reality?

TransportLAB provides a secure and flexible environment that encourages people to think outside the box and to share knowledge and ideas. By rating, likes, badges and other gasification elements the ideas will become reality.

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Monitor the complete supply chain proccess

In today’s society everyone and everything is always connected: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The connection is often made online via different (social) platforms. 

This creates a jumble of information whereby multiple tabs are opened in your browser or it just takes you too much time finding the right information. How can you keep track?

TransportLAB combines supply chain software with a social platform. The online platform offer you the opportunity to stimulate and monitor communication and interaction between various stakeholders. You also have full control over your shipments via track and trace.

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Expand your network

Interaction with your employees and external stakeholders not only makes for a better working environment but it also builds lasting relationships and increases productivity. 

Relationship are often maintained by the use of different (social) tools such as e-mail, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook. This take a lot of time. How do you maintain and build an accessible network?

TransportLAB offers your own online community. It lets you develop your own intranet and extranet within a social environment. Share or collect ideas, the latest news or as a question in your own community. All within a single environment.

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