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TransportLAB is the innovation broker in the field of transport and logistics.

TransportLAB communicates and connects. Working together to build the future for transport and logistics.

Connecting Mind and Matters.

TransportLAB Community Platform

The TransportLAB Community Platform is a multi- enterprise social network platform. The platform is used to create intranet and extranet, increase the social network, improve the customer service, broaden and deepen the knowledge and to launch online collaboration.

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In the TransportLAB App Shop all relevant apps in the field of logistics, transport and mobility can be downloaded.

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About us

TransportLAB is a network organization that initiates, facilitates and implements innovations in transport & logistics.

P.J. Swaak Founder

Our services

Would you like to facilitate changes within your company?

TransportLAB offers the solution for increased effectiveness, interaction and engagement among employees and stakeholders with a refreshing approach.

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Would you like to see ideas become reality for once?

TransportLAB encourages employees to think outside the box. All within a secure and flexible environment where ideas become reality.

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Would you like to monitor the whole supply chain proces?

TransportLAB combines supply chain software with a social platform. This provides you with up to date information at any time of day.

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Would you like to develop your network and increase interaction?

TransportLAB provides lasting relationships, improved adoption and productivity through effective communities. All within a one single environment.

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Recent Projects


LOGISA: Logistic Information & Innovation System East Africa

The LOGISA consortium has taken up the challenge to improve East African Logistics. LOGISA aims to empower interactions between all Transport & Logistics stakeholders by offering a unique online platform that combines social collaboration and supply chain optimization.

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Talking Logistics Design Battle, summer 2018

Do you have a smart idea or could you come up with a clever solution to make container transport autonomous. Through smart, mobile and talking traffic techniques?

What if we would be ready to transport part of the container flow from Rotterdam Port to the hinterland with autonomous trailers of self-driving container chassis? At night, quietly and sustainable (electric/hydrogen driven) and extremely efficient.

This has been the challenge of the Talking Logistics Design Battle, summer 2018.

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Recent Communities


In the programme SmartwayZ.NL, governments, market en knowledge parties and other stakeholders all work together to improve accessibility, livability and security in South Netherland. Its about innovative mobility concepts like self-driving cars, electric driving and on demand services such as MaaS and ride-sharing.

MaaS regional pilots

For all who are interested in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concepts. You can take part in the market consultations and prepare fora tender. Its about offering regional MaaS-services that contain as much as possible transportmodes, door-door, one payment.!

Truck Platooning

After the European Truck Platoonign Challenge 2016, the next step has been made to realize truck platooning on the Dutch roads. The program “real Life case 2018-2019” is a big real life experiment on Dutch Roads with loaded platoons on existing corridors.

This community is being used a s a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform.

Dutch Mobility Innovations

This community site is meant as a practical guide for anyone interested to know more about Dutch Mobility Innovations. It provides an extensive overview of current projects and programs, public and private partners active in this field, government policy, examples of concrete innovative solutions and other relevant topics relating to Dutch Mobility Innovations.

Partnership Talking Traffic

A collaboration commiunity for all public and private partners representing this partnership. Here loads of knowledge and expertise is being shared in over 10 subcommunities between the users but also with the outside world.